Issue Seven

Wednesday June 23, 1999

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Meandering Rivers
An Ode to the Gypsies

~ Shelara Mithan,
Student of The Soerbaird Academy

Slowly, they travel.
Sand, grass, and gravel,
All three give way to their grace.

Singing and dancing,
Gamb'ling, romancing,
E'er shaping the path that they trace.

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Calling Writers

We are once again calling for writers to help record the history and events transpiring in Norrath. If you are interested in helping in this pursuit, please courier a message to Copper Compendium.

War on Norrath

~ Reported by Pandorae

On June 19th The Skorchers, a band of the dark races, faced the Mithril Alliance in battle in the Swashbuckler Tunnel to North Ro. The Scorchers reportedly fell to the mighty blows of the light races. This battle is the first of what is rumoured to be many, continuing the tradition begun in the great battle of North Ro, in which light races victored against their dark foes and Rallos Zek.

Anti-Erudin Protests

~ Reported by Pandorae

Rumor has surfaced that there will be an anti-Erudin march at the gates of Qeynos on June 25th, followed by an attempt to take control of the Qeynos docks. Predakk Ironfoot has writen:

"I have heard reports that something dark is afoot here in Norrath. My friend told me yesterday that he saw a group of Erudites & Dark Elves talking in North Karana. Apparently, they are planning to some day take Qeynos, not by force, but by having the Erudits bring their people here slowly, and set up home. By doing this, the Human and Half-Elf city of Qeynos will soon be inhabited by large amounts of Erudites. If we are to be attacked, which I do not know if we are going to be, they will help the enemies no matter who they are, and take Qeynos from us."

The Woodelf Bard, Chapter Three

~ By Larkell

The day was bright and clear with birds chirping when Larkell woke. She stretched and then rubbed her eyes enjoying the fresh morning air, when her reprise was disturbed by the sounds of battle. Larkell barely was able to keep from jumping out of her skin. All of the excitement of yesterday was such a blur and seemed to have been just a dream. Larkell had expected (and had wished) that she would wake up in her own bed in the back room of the bard's guild. 'So much for dreams' she muttered to herself as she grabbed her sword and ran out side. Just as she was to step out of the guard shack she was pulled to the side by the strong hand of Kemili.

Continued on Page Four.

A View from the Darkness

~ Aravs the Masked

I am, by nature, a patient man, a fact proven on a daily basis. For example, since I was raised as a cleric, I think like a cleric. I carry a mace. Yes, I am perfectly aware that the blade of a good sword might prove far more damaging than a mace does, but I prefer the feel of a mace. Believe me; the Indigo Brotherhood lectured me quite severely on the matter, but I will not change my mind. (Besides, the Indigo Brotherhood has little power over me now. I suppose I should consider actually creating some bonds now, not just breaking away from certain company.)

However, carrying a mace seems to lead to certain assumptions about my status. Young shadow knights begging for something they refer to as a "Buff" have accosted me in the Nektulos Forest. Ah, that we, the most devout worshippers of the gods of Norrath, should have our phenomenal power reduced to such a meaningless word. I spent some time attempting to show the elf that I had no powers, but he just stood there, expectantly, refusing to understand. Finally, I just had him follow me, led him to a member of the Indigo Brotherhood, and stood there while the fighter called me a "Weak-willed would-be warrior" and a "Coward to the Fighter's Way". An unusual way of dealing with adversity, I know, but effective.

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