Issue Six

Wednesday June 9, 1999

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Lady Kalamity Nyte and Wizard Solus Nyte wish to announce the marriage of
Chrysanthemum Desideratum
of Felwithe
Marduk Starfyre of Erudin
May their marriage be a long and happy one!


Maiden's Folly

~ By Ehlanna Winterlark, of The Soerbaird

There was a lass from Kelethin
who loved a sailor boy
He filled her head with words of love
He filled her heart with joy

The boy proclaimed "Upon my word,
If you'll but be my wife,
I'll leave the sea, and start a farm
I'll settle down for life."

Entire Tale on Page Six

The Woodelf Bard, Chapter Two

~ By Larkell

A smile had crept over Kemili's face as Larkell finished her story. "You have quite a legacy to work with already little bird, and I assume that these silly human bards did not teach you the ways of the good fight. That is a task they usually leave up to the warriors." He looked at Larkell and got the affirmation that she had no fighting skills. "Do you wish to learn the good fight my friend?" Again he got a nod from her. "Good, we must get going then." He stood up and broke the little camp they had going and pulled her to her feet.

Continued on Page Seven.

L'vanon Replies!

The news spread quickly through the streets of Felwithe. A winded Woodelf scout had reported to the gate guards that a company of Crushbone Orcs were marching to Felwithe, but they displayed a flag of truce. Such a thing was unheard of, and the call to arms was sounded.

The marching drums of the Orcs grew louder, and soon the strange procession emerged from the misty Faydark. A company of fully-armed Orc Centurions marched five abreast, bearing a purple banner from a black staff. From the top of the staff plainly flew the white flag of truce. Surrounding the column on all sides were Woodelven warriors, keeping close watch on the suspicious behavior of the Orcs.

At the gates of Felwithe the Orcs stopped. Their drums drew silent and the column parted. From amidst the Centurions came a cloaked figure, much thinner than its Orcish escorts. It stopped at the line of High Elven guards and withdrew a small letter from its sleeve. With a fleshless hand it delivered the letter to the Lord of the Guard, then bowed, and fell to dust.

At that the Orcish Commander barked an order, and the entire column turned and marched back towards Castle Crushbone, still under the keen eyes of the Woodelves.

The letter bore a dark purple seal and two words: "To Pandorae"

L'vanon's Letter

Heartstone Update

~ Anonymous

A wax-sealed parchment is slid under the door of the Office of the Copper Compendium. Upon being opened, it is apparent that blood, not ink, was used in scribing the document. Most likely, that of an unfortunate slave.

It is now known that House DeVir, a powerful dark elven house of Neriak, is also seeking the Heartstone. This information was betrayed by Martoo, a human of Freeport, after meeting with representatives of House DeVir. Through a bribe, the Arcane Adventurers learned of the meeting. Martoo has been slain for his betrayal, a deed that should have been done sooner. Rest assured, that House DeVir fully believes that they are the House spoken of in the prophecy, and that they will be relentless in their pursuit of the Heartstone.

They have made a dangerous journey for those of their kind, across the entire continent of Antonica, despite the fact that they are killed on sight in almost every community. The dark folk have hidden friends though, in many of Norrath's cities, so do not feel safe behind the shield of your guards. The Heartstone belongs to the Tier'dal, and it shall be in their possession once again. Then, Innoruuk will have his revenge upon the gods, and reclaim the world that was cheated from him. The lesser races believe that the Tier'dal are a group of bickering factions, lacking unity. This is just more evidence of their blindness and stupidity. The Tier'dal have been firmly united, since even before the Godswar raged across Norrath! Know that there are many Houses of dark elves, and they are aware of each other's presence. Consider this fair warning, for it is doubtful that the surface dwellers could figure this out for themselves.

A View from the Darkness

~ Aravs the Masked

Greetings to you, residents of Norrath. I am the scribe Aravs, formerly a member of the Church of the Firstborn and the Dismal Rage. Or, as some of you may prefer to refer to me, "One of those blasted Hate-worshippers." If it any consolation, such things are behind me now. Hopefully, at least some of you read my transcription of the conversation between Pandorae and the human shadow knight, Aedare. The events surrounding the publication of that article are, naturally, the reason why I am writing this now, since I have chosen to separate myself from Teir'Dal society.

However, that is a tale for another time, and matters little now. I have been asked to speak of my homeland, the city of Neriak. I am sure there is a great deal of interest in how we dark elves, as the most powerful of all Norrath's races, are raised to be so powerful. Naturally, what I say here are my opinions, and will quickly be shouted down by such wise people as the glorious High Priest L'vanon. Perhaps I should mention that I now communicate by gestures only, since the "Wise" L'vanon ordered my tongue removed?

Continued on Page Four

Nuven's Wanderings

~ By Nuven Wahsnerc

Hello fellow citizens of Norrath! It is Nuven, your friendly wandering druid. Wow! What an exciting couple of weeks I have had. I can't wait to share all of my stories with you, but first let me catch you up. When last we spoke, I was just about to tell you the tale of when I first left Kelethin. I was still very young but my brother Hamelon knew that I was ready to roam a little bit around Faydwer. I had never been out of the immediate area surrounding my home so I was very excited when he walked through the door and told me to pack my things. We were going in search of adventure together.

Continued on Page Five

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