Issue Four

Thursday May 13, 1999

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A small concert will be held in the Lion's Mane Inn and Tavern in Qeynos. It will be held on Thursday, May 13 at 7 PM Pacific time. There may also be other Soerbaird students performing and all are welcome to come and listen.
~ Amhran, gypsy bard of the Soerbaird

The first of a weekly Bazaar begins Saturday, May 15th 3PST - 6PST in the East Commonlands Tunnel. Those interested in selling wares, meeting up with people, trading knowledge, and learning new languages, are encouraged to attend. Bards with songs about dwarven ale, and cute wood elves with little armor are especially invited to come out to entertain the crowds.
~ Dekker IronHands,
Grudge Bearers of Kaladim

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Interview with Aedare

Our reporter speaks with Aedare in a shady abandoned warehouse beneath the Freeport Docks.

Warning: Danger on Antonica

~ Reported by Pandorae

I have some very disturbing rumors to report this morning. In my study of Freeport, I came across corruption as I had never seen in my homelands, and bleeding from this filth I caught sound of Innoruuk's voice. Unsettled, I met with a member of the Dismal Rage, to try to discover what was transpiring under our noses.

Aedare led me deep into a shady warehouse beneath the docks, both of us disarmed ourselves to prevent conflict. The human shadowknight, Aedare, appeared very normal at first glance. I was surprised to have given to me a gift of Elven Wine, which I had so missed since leaving my homelands. But as I waded into deeper conversation with Aedare, I became more and more apprehensive. Her father had been a high priest of Mithanial Marr, her mother a member of Erolissi's clerigy. Somewhere along the way she voluntarily disposed of Free Will and turned to a much darker path: the path of the Dismal Rage.

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The Ballad of Fippy Darkpaw

by Daithi Sžochaint of the Soerbaird

In Antonica's land there was a gnoll
Whose size was small and deeds were bold
Fippy Darkpaw from Sabretooth Clan
Whose land was stolen by the human man

His entire being did yearn for revenge
And on one thing did his plan hinge
"To free my people I must kill Bayle"
"And when I do my clan prevails"

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Leaves and Twigs:

On the Way to Queynos
Part I

Lowering myself down, careful not to place too much weight on my left leg, I allow myself to relax after the long run. My gaze is immediately pulled to the beautiful and awesome sight before me. An exotic woman held frozen in time, a monument for all to see.

Laying my gnarled, oaken staff near my right hand, I allow my eyes to investigate this stone face. The lifeless eyes of this beauty seem to hold stories untold, a strength and a weakness, a longing. Such memories are brought to life in those eyes.

I smile thinking of my jovial and energetic friend, Beleric. A warrior of the Vale, he is always one to lend a hand when the odds are against you.

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Being a brewer of no small talent I of course always seek new recipies to try out. A bartender in East freeport has promised me the Brewers Compendium if I return 4 items to him. I have found 3 of these items so far but alas the 4th item Erud's Tonic I cannot find, much to my dismay. I am will to pay a sizable sum for information about how I can obtain this tonic or for the tonic itself. Please let me know. Your help will be greatly appreciated and also me make ye some beer!

~ Vlain, Order of the Sacred Rose

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