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Wednesday April 28, 1999

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I was hunting dwarf skeletons in Butcherblock, when a Dwarf Warrior by the name of Durbauk started seeking the help of all in the area to find an Erudite that "changes" bodies. 'I assume an Enchanter', he said. This Erudite last seen in gnome form was seeking the Heart of Stone, and he was to deliver a message to him. Upon further probing I asked the name of this Erudite and he said he couldn't pronounce it but it started with an 'A', and then he left muttering something about her whim and who would protect her, I am not sure of whom he was speaking.

~ Sinnorsel


Sparring Competitions

Starting May 4th, Ganon, Warrior of Kaladim, will be hosting a weekly fighting competition. All races, classes and levels are welcome. Admission into the competition is 5 gold pieces. For the gamblers out there, Ganon will record bets on the outcome of the battles. To enter the competition, or request information and a rule sheet, please contact Ganon. All entries must include race, class and level information.

Where: Freeport Arena
When: Every tuesday at 7:00 EST
Who: Anyone who is interested, and pays the fee.
Prize: Currently requesting noteable prizes from the gods of Norrath.

Healing from the crowds is forbidden, and all pets must be raised during battle.

Submit your announcements to Copper Compendium.

photo by Elorebaen

Dharmik De'Vise sending Jythri, Dain, Waji and Tyonne into levitation in a spectacle of lights during the exciting concert finale.

Soerbaird Concert

Sunday, April 25th, and Monday, April 26th, the Soerbaird kicked off the first of their hopefully soon to be monthly concert performances. Despite a protest by the Norrath Anarchist society, a wedding proposal, and a few over-zealous drunks swaying back and forth in the audience, these Norrathian bards captured the attentions and the hearts of most spectators present in Sunday's Concert. When asked how he felt the concert went, Dain, Ollave of the Balladry Filidh, responded:

"It went really well, considering all I imagined could go wrong! My fellow bards were in good form, Jythri was a masterful master of ceremonies, and the audience was the best I could have hoped for. No one fell prey to narcolepsy, which is common when viewing large crowds and the bane of all performers in Norrath.

"I would like to thank Lillith, our enchanter retainer, for providing crowd control in the form of invisibility spells at key moments. I recall one drunken fan lept at me while I was performing. Lillith thought fast and the drunk vanished before I could miss a beat. Daithi, our Ollave of the Brehon, is an accomplished artist and was on hand to quickly paint scenes from the concert.

"The Soerbaird spent some time planning the event, and we are very pleased with the results. "

~ Reported by Pandorae

Read reviews by Elorebaen and Aphra.

Heartstone Update

What is the Heartstone?   Sauleth has this to say:

"Heartstone is difficult to describe (for obvious reasons). Some factions believe it is a mythical, magical artifact with immense power. Other factions believe that it is the "heart" of Norrath, a physical representation of the lifeforce of the world. Others believe that it is a vile infection that threatens the safety of the world. And others have no idea that it exists. Some seek to control it. Some seek to protect it. Some seek to destroy it. Some have no idea what's going on."

Greywulf, Scribe of the Arcane Adventurers reports:

A couple of weeks ago the Arcane Adventurers completed the ruins quest for the Erudin Sage Kassalman to help him in his research of the Heartstone. A week later Cyxe, leader of the Arcane Adventurers, met with Kassalman and gave the sketches of the ruins and their locations. Kassalman said that he would meet with Cyxe sometime during the next week to share with him whatever he has discovered from his research.

Meanwhile, Kassalman mentioned that there were some clerics wandering around Norrath talking of the Heartstone and wanting to reward the guild that finished Kassalman's quest. These clerics are to be believed to know a bit about the Heartstone. A few days later a crazed man came up to Aradon of the guild The Aredhel in Lesser Faydark, babbling about clerics or paladins (Aradon wasn't sure what this man was saying), and something about the Heartstone. This madman mentioned that he was diseased or poisoned, and commited suicide by throwing himself into the dagger of a dervish bandit.

Saturday the 24th, Cyxe met with Kassalman once again to find out what his discovery was. It's been rumored that it is quite a discovery and if anyone is curious what the discovery is they would have to talk to a member of the Arcane Adventurers.

In other news, a man by the name of Obuidar was killed yesterday by a sentinal in Erudin. He was found guilty of being a traitor to Erudin and abuse of their ways of magic. In his last dying breath he had a grin and said, "The new order will come, a new house will arise."

People's Market

"For the People By the People"

Merle of ForeverQuest is promoting an "old fashioned Bazaar" to be held weekly. The merchants involved sprout from Faydwer, and the last bazaar was held in Kelethin on Saturday, April 24th. In the future the group hopes to travel and bring wares to different areas in Norrath. Look for these merchants, coming to your area soon!


My friends, we are searching for able-bodied news writers. My guild master tells me that I am very bad in my jewelry-making effort, and I need quite a bit more practice. For some reason, he just doesn't understand how the newspaper consumes so much of my time. We seek those with talented language skills, and who are able to record the history of Norrath with great accuracy. If you are interested, please give us a note that includes some information about yourself, your skills and qualifications.

~ Ed


Neb's Nose

By Andalus, Student of The Soerbaird Academy

There is a story told
'Long the Ak'anon road
About a gnome
Who they call Neb
And does he have a mighty cold

Entire Tale on Page Four

Brulane's Corner:


I share these letters with you. They are an exchange between myself and my close friend Sinadan, a Barbarian Shaman. They reveal much about the lands of Norrath and my adventures upon them. May the Lightbearer guide you to the path of truth.


I imagine you are reading this letter within the warm confines of your barracks at the compound of Ten Hammers in Halas. I hope you found passage back to your Barbarian homeland safely and without incident.

Continued on Page Three

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