A Farewell

G athered at their favorite hunting grounds in Rathe Mountains "The Folk" slayed giant after giant. "What is that" Xiandru Cloudwalker yelled to his group. A GIANT of giants was bearing down on the small band. Spell after spell hit the great beast. Slowly "The Folk" beat it down. Xiandru's blasts of power shook the beast to his heels while Celina and Tylon chopped away at his exposed legs. But the beast would not be put down. A shimmer blue light encircled his body and he gained momentum and became more invigored.

Again "The Folk" beat him down. The clerics, Landeth, Zardac, and Samsara could barely keep up with the heals. Pandorae and Eynel were vigorously trying to gain enough strength to slow the beast while Celebairn rocked it with blast after blast. We called for help but no one was near. The other members of the guild were not strong enough to face such a beast. But slowly he was beat down again. With a sliver of health left and all of "The Folk" near exaustion,

Xiandru Cloudwalker let out one last blast and fell to the ground as the Giant toppled over him.

Again and again the clerics tried to raise their companion with no success.In a last ditch effort they all joined hands to channel their energy through Samsara's spell of life. A burst of light appeared before the group. Soft and gentle the light floated above the ground. Tunare in all her splendor stood before the humbled group.

"My children, do not fret. Your friend has chosen a place beside me. His deeds on Norrath surpassed those of all mortals. I am in need of him now."

At that time the quiet, unassuming druid, Xiandru appeared beside the benevolent god, a glow of soft white light surrounding him. Each member he hugged and with his touch they each knew he would be fine.

"To each of you I bestow the gift of everlasting friendship. Treasure this gift above all others and remember I am only a thought or memory away" Xiandru whispered as he faded away with Tunare.

/em bows his head in a moment of silence.

The Folk of Fennin Ro would like to take this moment to say farewell to Xiandru Cloudwalker (Joe Castillo), Guild Master, mentor, and dear friend to The Folk and many others. Xiandru Cloudwalker Xia (Joe) passed away suddenly on May 18th, 2000 due to pneumonia at the age of 29. He leaves behind a thriving guild and many, many great memories.

Farewell Xiandru Cloudwalker, you will be missed.


Tylon, Celina, Pandorae, Landeth, Zardac, Eynel, Samsara, Celebairn, Zaldaroo, Shakti, Cordak, Hamelon, Nuven, Jynzo, Deltrist, Uthuas, Talaren, Tebryn, Corinth, Enick, Archaegeo