Guild News

May 5, 2004

Welcome Koriny, Kaedias and Aamen to The Folk!

My main character has left the guild, but despite years of asking slackers in the guild don't give me news!!! Yes, that was meant to be a guilt trip. :)) If anyone in guild wants to do the news sometime I would be thrilled to put it up for you. :)

Congratulations Alarkar, Kaiyai and Blog on finishing up your BoT keys last weekend. Thanks to all the help we had from outside the guild, (especially SOK and CI), we took down Ocean and Desert minis in the Plane of Storms. Kaiyai's sweety seems to have eaten the loot list but Kaiyai remembers guild member loot as follows:

Kaiyai: beard, medal, medal
Blog: medal, medal
Sunpiercer: head, beard, medal, bone
Kaiena: Tome of Wind's Wisdom
Starpiercer: Tome of Wind's Wisdom
Alarkar: head, beard, medal, bone, medal

Also congratulations on our newest elementally flagged members: Starpiercer and Kumari! Way to go guys!

~ Aphra

April 13, 2004

Welcome back Samsara and Sinquick, it is great to see your toons again!

Last weekend we raided more old world zones for fun. Congratulations to everyone who was awarded loot from our dragon-killing run in North Temple of Veeshan! Down are Ikatar the Venom, Eashan of the Sky, Aaryonar, Lord Feshlak, Dagarn the Destroyer and Lord Vyemn. Thanks to Tylon for leading this fun raid, and thanks to the friends who came to help us out!

Cloak of Venom - Dembonez (avoid rot)
Ikatiar's Stinger - Mynxx (avoid rot)
Acient Wyvern Boots - Starpiercer (plooter, sorry Camanem)
Claw of Lightning - Blog
Twisted Stell Guantlets - Camanem
Katana of Pain (X3) - Togak
Shadow Fang Necklace - Mynxx (rogue only)
Melodic Charm - (bard only)(rot)
Barrier of Sound - Samas
Vambraces of Discontent - Gardr
Amulet of the Storm - Camanem
Ancient Tarnished Plate Bracer - Samas (best faction) FFA
Shining Metallic Pantaloons - Sadiella
Anicent Wurm Hide Greaves - Phelonius
Boots of the Destroyer - Kaedias
Kreizenn's Flame - Gardr
Silver Disk - Blog
Verlekamorm's Horn of Disaster -(bard only)(rot)
Shadow Fang Necklace - Mynxx (rogue only)
Runed Fang Necklace - Togak
Onyx Gauntlets - Cendarie
Vyemm's Left Eye - Jas
Gaudralek Sword of the Sky - Phelonius
Ring of Superiority - Togak

March 21, 2004

First to welcome our newest members - Rifer, a former member of Changing Tide, joined us Saturday after a very long association with many of our members. Also Saturday a new warrior, Togak joined the clan. Welcome both to the family!

There was a bit of a lull last week with some Plane of Storms Diaku farming for Tactics keys, but Friday we took down the Chardok King for Shaanon's epic. Saturday we took down Ragefire and finished Shaanon's epic. Congratulations Shaanon, the Folk's newest owner of a water sprinkler!

Shortly afterwards we went down to Iceclad to finish Kaiyai's 8th Shawl quest. Congratulations Kaiyai!

March 13, 2004

Last night we had some fun killing minis in Plane of Nightmare. We started with Vhaksiz the Shade, followed up with the Terror Matriarch and finished with Untel`Dak. Congratulations on a job well done and sorry to all those shaman we killed.

Please welcome our newest members: Shayra, Nililanoa, and Kaladx; and welcome back Porshia, Faeth and Alarkar!


February 26, 2004

We're Back!

After dwindling away for the last year we've finally started picking up again. Congratulations to all our members who have reached 65 recently, to Kaiena on her leaf-blower, and to Blog and I on our Veeshan's Peak keys.

After bumming around in Grieg's a couple weeks ago, last weekend we took a couple groups down to keel Trakanon for teeth. Congratulations Folk on our first (Folk Only) Trakanon Kill! (It was so much harder once!) We'll be in Veeshan's Peak in no time. Rawr!