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Wednesday May 26, 1999

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The Marriage of Tellamachus Nife and Anya AngelFyre

~ By Elegor Mandreskal, of The Soerbaird

Where lies the love of ages past,
Of times of legend, myth and song?
The strength of passion made to last,
When gods, on Norrath, did belong.

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Macullok's Butterflies

~ By Larkell

Macullok was a barbarian,
Reminded me of a bear.
If you were a friend of his,
He treated you with such care.
If one dared to cross his path,
Or try to hurt one so dear.
He would track them down rapidly,
And pull off both their ears.

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Bazaar Saturdays at 3PST - 6PST in the East Commonlands Tunnel. Those interested in selling wares, meeting up with people, trading knowledge, and learning new languages, are encouraged to attend. Bards with songs about dwarven ale, and cute wood elves with little armor are especially invited to come out to entertain the crowds.
~ Dekker IronHands,
Grudge Bearers of Kaladim

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Deceit in Antonica

Thanks to Sinchlee, who was able to intercept this message from Norrath, I was able to recieve a copy of it before it reached L'avanon. In the best interests of all who oppose Innoruuk, I hereby print the full and complete interview with Aedare from two weeks ago, as intercepted by Sinchlee and brought to me with the note:

~ Pandorae

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Crossing Antonica

~ Account by Woland von Baphometh

The weather was not beautiful. In fact, the heavy clouds suggested that Karana would punish us even before our voyage had begun. Caliban, the enlightened leader of the House of Sinanju, had drafted the route to Rivervale. We all knew - theoretically - how to get there. Except Caliban and me, Tyne the always-happy monk, Rieu the wizard and a half-elf fighter called Straith were all awaiting to depart to Rivervale.

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The Woodelf Bard, Chapter One

~ By Larkell

Larkell ran from the guild house covering her face so the citizens of Qeynos would not see her tears. For 16 years she had endured a lot of strict rules for the "sake of conformity", but this was always the hardest to accept. The pond loomed ahead of her, away from the prying eyes of the humans. Once she got to the banks of the pond she dropped to her knees and pulled her hat off. Shaking, she looked into the pool to see the damage they had done. Tears streamed anew as the face staring back had all the beautiful black hair chopped short again, to cover her ears. Larkell had tried to grow it out long again and hide it under her cap, but her guardian had noticed... Of course.

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Nuven's Wanderings

Hello fellow Norrathians. Let me begin by introducing myself. I am Nuven Wahsnerc, wood elf from Kelethin. I am still a young elf, but have seen much of our vast world. This has been due in large part to my brother, Hamelon, pushing me at an early age to get out and explore. I have many stories to tell and I can't wait to share my adventures with you.

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The NEW Norrath Role Play

Brulane's Corner:

~ Brulane Arongrith & Sinadan


I have sent this letter several times, but it seems to get no response, but I continue to leave letters at the Temple in Freeport hoping that the priests there can find you. I have currently been residing with a small fishing village on the coast just south of Freeport. There are several clansmen here and I have granted them the blessing of Ten Hammers. But most importantly I have met a very pretty, strong, tall woman. She is a merchant here in the village and while she is selling to passing travelers it gives me an opportunity to warn them of injustices they may have done, and the vengeance that Ten Hammers may bring upon them.

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Leaves and Twigs:

~ By Elorebaen

Master Heartwood,

I have received your message, and I am ecstatic to here from you. Your messenger was a kind soul, and for delivering your parchment I shared a drink with him at the Mermaid's Lure. This is also where I sit as I pen this message to you, the sea air giving a bouyancy to my hand. I will try to answer your question as best I can, so much has happened, and Faydwer, with its soaring trees so fair, seems so far away.

Continued on Page seven

Classified Ads:

Hail and well met all,

My name is Daedolonum and I am serching for some items which I cannot find myself. I am a very wealthy wizard so I can pay what you wish and I can travel to any part of Norrath to pick them up. The items I am searching for follow, Polished Bone Bracelet, Polished Bone Bracers (look like leather sleeves), 2 golden ear studs, any good rings for spellcasters (better than Jaded Silver Rings), and anything better than woven armour. Please inform me if you have any of these items for sale.

Daedolonum, Level 13 Wizard

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