Issue Two

Wednesday April 14, 1999

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Goblins of Runnyeye are beginning to mobilize. Moto, their shaman, is more dangerous then ever and their elite now walk the entrance to the gorge.


Wedding Announcement

On April third Dragon Queen Artesia and Kusar Kruegahr were married. Congratulations to the new couple and we wish you well on your future journeys together. Thank you Roni, for letting us know!

The wedding of Dragon Queen Aresia and Kusar Krueghr

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Mudtoe Adventure

On March 3, Thurgrum orchestrated a "Mudtoe Expedition" which ended in the successful slaying of a Mudtoe Ogre. These courageous dwarves braved the unpredictable seas to find the Ogre and complete their mission. Their illustrated tale can be found here.


The Ranger and His Hound

By Elegor Mandreskal, Student of the Soerbaird Academy

In the ruined house he lay
Chilled by night
Burned by day
In the ruined house he lay
Eyes a-gazing skyward

Entire Tale on Page Four

The Tale of Naroon

Hail traveller, and well met. If you have the time and the interest, I have a tale for you. It is a story of a love that was lost, but with and ending of rebirth, and resolve.

Continued on Page Five

Leaves and Twigs

Journal of Elorebaen

"So, young one, let me see what you have written down, in this journal of yours. " Master Heartwood says in a baritone voice. "Hmmm.."

The Kelethin leader of druids opens the much used journal, watching as a dried leaf falls to the floor. He begins to silently read the entries contained within.

Continued on Page Two


The Ominous Silence

Here I sit with ink-stained fingers, holding a pen branded by my fingertips, looking at the anxious newspaper press. The news is quiet this week, I think to myself. I touch my cheek, absently leaving a finger print, and look to the little book on my table; the one that will record the events transpiring, whatever they may be. My expression grows grave as I feel the chill of the unknown.

~ Ed

Brulane's Corner:


I share these letters with you. They are an exchange between myself and my close friend Sinadan, a Barbarian Shaman. They reveal much about the lands of Norrath and my adventures upon them. May the Lightbearer guide you to the path of truth.

~Brulane Arongrith


I hope this letter finds you well. I have made the great journey through the Black Burrow, the home of many an evil gnoll, and made my way to the town of short-men called Qeynos. There were also many other short people there, but they weren't men.

I have befriended a few young mages here in this town, showing them the gifts Ten Hammers have given me. I am intrigued by their non-spiritual abilities.

Continued on Page Three

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