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About Us

The Folk is a small Fennin Ro Guild formed in July of '99 around an expanding group of friends for the sole purpose of raid communications.

During its conception there were many name suggestions for this little guild; the second most popular name choice was "One Tree," named for the a lone tree in East Karana that became a popular meeting place for the group. A few people disapproved of the title "One Tree" because "it makes us sound like a bunch of tree-huggers!" Cordak thought it should be named "Cordak's Drunken Band of Faithful Worshippers," and membership criteria should include both consuming and supplying Cordak with copious amounts of beer, but this put spell-casters at a distinct disadvantage.

"The Folk" evolved out of "One Tree" and "Tree Folk," and eventually won out because of its relatively unassuming nature.

The Folk's first Guildleader, the late Xiandru Cloudwalker, proposed a Charter for the Guild and registered the Guild with the Order of Fennin Ro. The Folk's first members were Landeth, Samsara, Celina, Zardac, Nuven, Hamelon, Pandorae, Cordak, Xiandru, Tindalus, Aano, Kiara, Ainavar, Tylon and Celebairn. In May of 2000 Xiandru's controller passed away and a guild vote gave leadership powers to Jynzo. When Jynzo left briefly in 2002 leadership passed to Starpiercer.

We are not an actively recruiting guild, and a vast majority of new recruits are close friends of active members with upstanding reputations. We are a highly democratic guild with no meaningful political structure. As is written in the original charter: "No one member is greater than the other." All members are equals bound by a weighty code of honour and friendship.

Guild Charter

"The Folk"
Charter and Guidelines

Guild Guidelines:

1.) Grouping: Members are not required to group, and are free to adventurewith others, or solo if they wish. Scheduled events and raids require signing up on our message board in many cases. Rules for such events should be laid out clearly, or discussed before hand to avoid confusion and/or other problems. Members are not required to sign up for everything they are eligible to attend.

2.) Items & Weapons: Members are not required to sell to other guildmembers, but it is encouraged. If you choose to give the item tosomeone, that is fine, but no one should feel that they deserve anythingfrom anyone else in the guild. Just because someone can't use an itemdoesn't mean they should give it to anyone. Craftsman in theguild are not required to offer their services to any member of the guild. Items found on multi-group raids are subject to the raid's guidelines.

3.) Knowledge: It is encouraged that members share knowledge of the worldwith others. Knowledge is power, and the better informed we are the more fun we will have.

4.) Guild Channel: The guild channel is there for all to use, and should beused intelligently. Remember that it's main function is for goodcommunication between multiple adventuring groups. Do not abuse the guildchannel, if you have a conversation with another use /tells. The channelcan always be turned off if it becomes a distraction to you.

5.) Guild Meetings: Meetings will be few and far between. Members are notrequired to attend. There will be ample advanced notice of meetings, timeand place.

6.) Prospective Members: Anyone desiring to join the guild is encouragedto adventure with other members of the guild, and get to know them first.Friends of members are encouraged to do the same. For acceptance into theguild, the sponsor shall seek opinions from those available. Effort should be made to post the request to the folk message board Private section if there aren't sufficient Folk online to allow for a trial membership. Membership is "official" after one month, or they are universally approved, whichever comes first.

7.) Discipline: No members shall intentionally or consistently abuse, berate, demand, or otherwise hinder another member's enjoyment in any way, shape, or form.

8.) Most Of All: Have fun! This is first and foremost a guild of friendsthat enjoy adventuring together, and enjoy each other's company. No onemember is greater than the other.